How to use Facebook Custom Audience

Are you searching for some lucrative tricks to achieve success with your Facebook Ads?

Today in this blog we will discuss how you can use Facebook ads for increasing your sales. Facebook Custom Audience is the most successful ad campaign tool for targeting the refined customers out of the public.

facebook custom audience

For people who are still not aware of it, let us inform you that Custom Audiences is a potential marketing tool which lets you create a specific list of prospective customers that you want to target. Facebook Ads is promoted on the basis of this list among the targeted people. This technology uses email addresses, Facebook Ids and phone numbers of the targeted customers.

Here, custom audience derived from the customer list comprises of the people you reach through existing customers. You can directly target ads on such customers on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social media platforms.

But how does it work?

Basically, Facebook Custom Audiences is a list of target customers who are present there in your public. These people can be your present customers, past clients, potential customers, warm lead, etc.

People visit your website or facebook page are analyzed. Further, the numbers of people who visited your website and showed interest in your product or services are listed separately. This list consists of different information like user IDs, email addresses, mobile advertisers Ids, or Phone numbers which are further uploaded on the Facebook. Now Facebook tracks this information and finds out the relevant people who can be your target Custom Audience. Thus you can directly reach them with your Facebook marketing Ads campaign.

Hence, using Facebook Custom Audience can definitely save your marketing buck as it is more precise and focused only on the target customer segment. So bridge the gap between your prospect customers and loyal customers with the help you Custom Audience list.


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